Monday, January 29, 2007

Portfolio Examples

Michael Colella -
Leardi Creative -
Response, LLC -
Matt Stellwagen, Web Design -
Miles Johnson -

Michael Colella - While a very clean looking site, I don't know if I personally like the idea of using the Macromedia style for your own portfolio style web site. It's kind of like cheating to me. Not really sure why. The concept is carried out in a very clever way, though, and the layout is very well done.

Leardi Creative - The use of Flash makes this one of my favorite pages. The navigation bar is easy to use and visually interesting while still simple. Each of the pages that come from the different options are very clear and easy to understand. Really don't see anything wrong with this portfolio.

Response - I'm not really a fan of videos that start playing on entering a site. They always startle you and you get frustrated or annoyed sometimes. I like it if it is an intro page, where clearly there is nothing else and this is not the home page. But when you see a home page load, I don't want some crazy flash animation or video blasting out my speakers. If you're going to have a video, prepare me for it. Otherwise, great site.

Matt Stellwagen Web Design - Very simple and easy to use concept. Easy to find the navbar, and the elements of the portfolio are laid out clearly on each page. I don't like that when you click on a new section, it first goes back to the main subway photo. It would be better to just load the next photo right away.

Miles Johnson is very much in a style I would try to achieve in my own portfolio. I like simple layouts and subdued blues and greens. One thing that doesn't work for me is the relation of "Outstanding News" and "Music". The separation isn't really well defined and it seems like the news is just sort of stuck there. I just think they could fit on the screen better. Overall very good style. The portfolio is presented well, and the services section is very clear. I like the idea of getting a quote for a design.

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